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An Introduction to e-signatures

Sender functionality

1Upload documents

2Enter the destination address.

3Add signatures, checkboxes, initials and almost anything else you might want, including hankos (seals)...

e-signature steps for the receiver

4"View and Sign" button received via email or SMS

5Fill in the fields provided and you're done!

6Click the Agree button.


ScanTime is a storage feature which complies with the three classifications of the Electronic Bookkeeping Law.


What is the need for a Scanner Preservation feature?

Recently, laws have been revised and it is necessary to comply with the Electronic Bookkeeping Law (effective in January 2024) and Electronic Invoices (effective in October 2023).

For example, electronic storage of paper contracts and invoices requires compliance with the Electronic Bookkeeping Act. ScanTime can simply import and store file, and enables unlimited use* of time stamp certified by the Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications, which is necessary to comply with the Electronic Bookkeeping Act.

※Each plan has a limited number of files that can be stored and uploaded per year.

What are the uses of ScanTime?

ScanTime can be used for the following purposes.

(1) Importing and storing documents received in paper form.

(2) Importing and storing invoices received by e-mail.

(3) Importing and storing electronic accounting books and contracts created by other companies' services.

List of SignTime Features

Long Term Signature (PAdES)

Digital signature + timestamp
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Signature Requests via SMS

Send signature requests via SMS intead of via email
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Internal Approval Workflows

Request an internal approval before document is sent for signature
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Guarantor Feature

Enable signer to specify additional signer (guarantor) on document
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Signer Sequencing

Specify the order of signatures when requesting multiple signers

Password Protected Documents

Set a password or passcode to restrict document access
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Signature Expiration Dates

Set a signing expiration date for documents
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Signature Certificates

Download a signature certificate (signer information & date of completion) for completed documents
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Hanko (Seal)

Auto-create, select from previously uploaded, or upload new hankos when signing documents
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Handwritten Signatures

Create handwritten looking signatures using a smartphone or tablet

Create & Manage Templates

Create commonly used documents as templates and request signatures in as little as one minute
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Bulk Sending Documents

Bulk send a document to hundreds of signers at once with just one click
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Request signers to submit identification documents, photos, reports, etc. when signing documents
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Multiple Fonts & Font Sizes

Specifiy font types and font sizes for text/date/initial fields

Multiple File Format Support

Upload PDF, Word, Excel, JPG, PNG, PPT, PPTX files
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Use unlimited timestamps when importing files in ScanTime
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Document Search

Search documents by document names, tags, parties, status, company name, contract dates, amounts, etc.
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Document Tag Settings

Manage documents with custom tagging such as customer ID, order ID, employee ID, etc.
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Share Documents & Files

Share documents stored in SignTime with external users
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Multiple Teams

Split teams securely by departments, teams, store locations, etc.
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Member Role Management

Restrict access to documents within team based on permission settings

Two-Factor Authentication

Increase the level of login security for users and digital identity of signers

Customized Branding

Improve acceptance from signers by customizing the look and feel with your company logo and domain (SMTP settings) name for emails, etc.
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Integrate SignTime seamlessly with internal and external systems
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Salesforce Integration

Request signatures and track the status of documents directly in Salesforce

GDrive Integration

Store completed documents in a designated Google Drive folder

Multi-Language Support

Switch easily between English/Japanese
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Special signature capabilities required under Japanese law [aka Long-term signature (digital certificate + timestamp)]

What is a long-term signature?

PAdES(PDF Advanced Electronic Signatures) is a standard that, when combined with a digital signature and timestamp, you can clearly identify that this document has been certified. In SignTime's case, our e-signatures use the AmanoSecure certified timestamp.

What is a Time Stamp?

As required under Japanese law, we work with AmanoSecure Japan K.K. to provide secure NTP services, theoretically proving the data has not been tampered with in accordance with the Electronic Bookkeeping Act aka Digital Preservation Law.

U00032-001 (Date of registration 2022.7.13)
Office name SignTime K.K.

What is a "Long Term Signature"?

Combining PAdES(PDF Advanced Electronic Signatures) with a timestamp you end up with a standard that, you can clearly identify that this document has been certified by a third party. In SignTime's case, our e-signatures use the AmanoSecure certified timestamp, and the long-term signature validation period is ten years.


SignTime Security

Security Experts on Staff

Outstanding Cybersecurity Measures

Web Application Firewall

Secondary Automatic Data Backup

AES Encryption of Documents

Powered by AWS

SSL/TLS encryption of communications

Customized security for each customer


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