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An Introduction to e-signatures

Sender functionality

1Upload documents

2Enter the destination address.

3Add signatures, checkboxes, initials and almost anything else you might want, including hankos (seals)...

e-signature steps for the receiver

4"View and Sign" button received via email or SMS

5Fill in the fields provided and you're done!

6Click the Agree button.


ScanTime is a storage feature which complies with the three classifications of the Electronic Bookkeeping Law.


What is the need for a Scanner Preservation feature?

Recently, laws have been revised and it is necessary to comply with the Electronic Bookkeeping Law (effective in January 2024) and Electronic Invoices (effective in October 2023).

For example, electronic storage of paper contracts and invoices requires compliance with the Electronic Bookkeeping Act. ScanTime can simply import and store file, and enables unlimited use* of time stamp certified by the Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications, which is necessary to comply with the Electronic Bookkeeping Act.

※Each plan has a limited number of files that can be stored and uploaded per year.

What are the uses of ScanTime?

ScanTime can be used for the following purposes.

(1) Importing and storing documents received in paper form.

(2) Importing and storing invoices received by e-mail.

(3) Importing and storing electronic accounting books and contracts created by other companies' services.

List of SignTime Features

Core SignTime Functionality

  • Single or Multiparty contracts
  • Allows multiple signatories
  • Check document status
  • Search contracts
  • Password protected documents
  • Expiration date
  • Bulk Sending
  • Template Functionality
  • Storage and management of executed documents
  • Special signature capabilities required under Japanese law
  • SMS document delivery
  • API functionality

ScanTime features

Storage feature

Documents can be imported and stored in compliance with the Electronic Bookkeeping Act.

Unlimited use of the certified timestamp

Imported documents and electronic data can be stored with unlimited time stamps from a certified agency.

SignTime's extensive feature lineup


Attach electronic contract related files in PDF or image format. Typically done for KYC (Know Your Customer) rules and other sorts of identity verification.


Tags improve the searchability of documents, and we support multiple tags per document. How many you ask? Hundreds, which is likely a larger number than you wish to use. We use tags internally for things like "Document Type: NDA, Contract, Employment Agreement" or Project names like "2022 Series B funding".

Multiple file format support

SignTime's e-signature platform allows you to upload multiple types of files, not just PDFs. Since SignTime is focused on improving your contract close time, it's a no-brainer for us to accept MS Word, Excel and Powerpoint files. We even accept pictures, so if you want to get an autograph done electronically don't hesitate to reach out!

Designation of order of signatories

SignTime's e-signature platform allows you to send sequentially or all at once, depending on how you want the contract to go. We understand that in some cultures, sending it to the customer without the boss's signature (well, e-signature) is a big no-no, so we are here to help sequence appropriately!

Don't love the default font or the font size?

Change it!

Multi-language support, starting with Japanese and English-and these are real, native speakers of the language, not just gtranslate!

Hanko (aka seal) functionality, where you can build your own electronic hanko through entering text on the screen. If you don't like ours, you can upload an image too!

Handwritten signature using a touchpad or mouse is also available!

Special signature capabilities required under Japanese law [aka Long-term signature (digital certificate + timestamp)]

What is a long-term signature?

PAdES(PDF Advanced Electronic Signatures) is a standard that, when combined with a digital signature and timestamp, you can clearly identify that this document has been certified. In SignTime's case, our e-signatures use the AmanoSecure certified timestamp.

What is a Time Stamp?

As required under Japanese law, we work with AmanoSecure Japan K.K. to provide secure NTP services, theoretically proving the data has not been tampered with in accordance with the Electronic Bookkeeping Act aka Digital Preservation Law.

U00032-001 (Date of registration 2022.7.13)
Office name SignTime K.K.

What is a "Long Term Signature"?

Combining PAdES(PDF Advanced Electronic Signatures) with a timestamp you end up with a standard that, you can clearly identify that this document has been certified by a third party. In SignTime's case, our e-signatures use the AmanoSecure certified timestamp, and the long-term signature validation period is ten years.


SignTime Security

Security Experts on Staff

Outstanding Cybersecurity Measures

Web Application Firewall

Secondary Automatic Data Backup

AES Encryption of Documents

Powered by AWS

SSL/TLS encryption of communications

Customized security for each customer

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