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The Advantages of Electronic Contracting Services: Making Document Management Easier

The Advantages of Electronic Contracting Services: Making Document Management Easier

The world is moving faster, and that’s making it harder and harder for companies to keep up with their industries. Moving contracts online with a electronic contracting service can help you keep up with the competition.

Not only is it easier and faster to collect e-signatures from multiple parties, but electronic contract repositories in the cloud mean all necessary documents can be easily found from anywhere on Earth.

In this article, I’ll discuss how electronic contracting services can make your work life easier.

The old way

Have you ever had trouble managing your paper documents that keep accumulating? This was a common pain point in my last job.

In my previous workplace, it was the norm to keep all documents on paper. I was in charge of the paperwork for employees who joined and left the company, and it was a real hassle.

When an employee first joined the company, they needed to fill in and sign the following documents:

·  Pledge for borrowing equipment (for PCs)

·  Pledge for borrowing devices (for iPhone)

·  Confidentiality agreement

·  Pledge to use Google (a document that specifies the rules for using Google for business)

·  Loan sheet (a document that lists the computers, iPhones, and other devices assigned to the employee)

I then needed to file each document in its respective folder. And when they left the company, I had to move the above documents to the “Retiree File.” (Due to company rules, we couldn’t destroy them!)

This would have been fine for a couple people, but dozens were entering and leaving the company each month. That’s a lot of paperwork! Indeed, since we kept all the paperwork of previous employees, we had stacks of filing cabinets.

To make matters worse, sometimes the documents had errors, such as missing employee numbers, which meant they were filed incorrectly. That made some documents impossible to find.

What if this had been done using a electronic contracting service?

SignTime is a electronic contracting service that allows you to view a list of documents and use the search bar to find the documents you need. Take a look:

No more “oh, which file is that document in?” or “I need to buy a new filing cabinet.”

Keep in mind that all those file types represented only one department. You probably have many other types of documents, such as applications for purchasing equipment, contracts with business partners, and so on. By using a electronic contract service, you can manage these documents more easily.

The way forward

There’s no need to deal with the hassle of mountains of paperwork or the risk of losing an important document.

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