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SignTime’s Digital Contracting Service Includes Documents that Require Identification

SignTime’s Digital Contracting Service Includes Documents that Require Identification

For those of you who are considering using a digital contracting service, let me introduce you to how you can use SignTime for various documents. 

Did you know that you can use SignTime for documents that require identification? Let me tell you about my own experience.

The old way

I went to a beauty salon recently. To be eligible for some treatments, I needed to sign a waiver and provide identification.

The procedure went as follows:

  1. Upon entering the salon for the first time, I had to review and sign a consent form for membership.
  2. I then handed over my identification to the staff so they could verify my identity. They accepted many forms of ID, but I chose to show them my driver’s license.
  3. The staff of the beauty salon made a copy of my license.
  4. They filed away my consent form and a copy of my license in the backroom of the store.

After the enrollment procedure was completed, I was on my way home when I received a call from the salon saying that they forgot to return my license. I was so excited to have successfully enrolled that I completely forgot about the existence of my license!

I was glad that the store called me, but I remember thinking there must be a better (and safer) way.

The better way

SignTime, a digital contracting service, has a file attachment function. This is how the above process would look with SignTime:

  1. The agreement is sent to the prospective member’s email address using the file attachment function.
  2. The prospective member signs the agreement after attaching a document that verifies their identity.
  3. As soon as the signature is completed, the signed consent form and the attached documents are sent to the store and stored securely in the cloud.

The file attachment feature can be easily set up with drag and drop. Take a look:

In addition to the speedy procedure, the applicant can complete the procedure online without visiting the store. Furthermore, it reduces the trouble of handing over documents that can be used for identification—and eliminates the chance of a lost or forgotten driver’s license!

SignTime helps small and large businesses improve their customer service

Many businesses require you to submit documents to verify your identity. For example, you need to submit documents that verify your identity when you join a fitness center or when you rent a car.

Gyms, car rental services, beauty salons, and many more can benefit from SignTime’s digital contracting service.

Talk to our team now about how SignTime can digitally transform and accelerate your business!

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