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Prorec chose SignTime because it is cost effective and easy to use



CEO, Mr. Yoshiki Hashizaki
Contracting officer, Mrs. Miki Goto

Prorec has seen an increase in the number of digital contracts they need e-signed recently. When looking for an e-signature solution, they chose SignTime because of its cost performance. We sat down with Mr. Hashizaki, the CEO, and Mr. Goto, who operates SignTime as the contract officer, about why they chose SignTime and the benefits of its functions and services.

Human resource
Number of Employees
Pain Points
Cost Consumption

・The number of documents Prorec exchanges has increased to the point where it exceeds the number of documents that can be sent using the free version of another e-signature service.
・Document storage was decentralized due to the use of multiple e-signature services.

・Documents can now be managed centrally, leading to a reduction in labor costs.
・More documents can now be sent while keeping costs down.
・With the template and mass launch functions, the time it takes to sign a contract is further reduced.

About Prorec

Mr. Hashizaki (hereafter, Hashizaki): Prorec operates a recruiting agency service specializing in IT engineers as well as a HR platform called Prorec. Our company is unique as we specialize in recruiting IT engineers. Strengthening IT processes is essential for rapidly growing companies, but it is difficult to attract talented engineers. In fact, I had a very difficult time recruiting engineers when I launched and grew my startup company. I have hired many excellent IT engineers through trial and error over the past 10 years, counting from my previous job. Now, we utilize our know-how and experience to support recruiting activities, mainly for startup companies that have similar problems.
We also operate the HR platform Prorec, where we team up with current and former HR professionals who have registered with us to provide recruiting support. Rather than simply matching registrants with client companies, our standardized scheme allows us to guarantee the quality of our service and to recruit highly skilled engineers.

Why we chose SignTime

Prosec chose SignTime for two main reasons: it is cost effective and easy to use. SignTime has also made it easier for the Prorec platform’s users when they need to sign agreements. In addition, SignTime has improved efficiency at Prorec by making it fast and easy to draft and send digital contracts. Finally, the customer service at SignTime has helped Prorec get the most out of the platform and reduced labor costs.

SignTime is cost effective

Hashizaki:We found SignTime’s service at a time when the number of registered Prorec users was increasing and sales were rising. We had been using the free version of another e-signature service, but we started to exceed the number of contracts we could send without paying for the service. Therefore, we were looking for a paid service that would allow us to send a larger number of contracts and had added features that would save us time and money. When we searched online for an e-signature service, we found several companies, including SignTime.
The deciding factor in choosing SignTime was its high cost performance. The Premium Plan, which includes the cost of sending 300 contracts per year, rather than charging per contract as other companies do, was attractive to us. 

SignTime is easy to use

Hashizaki: We also decided to use SignTime because we found it easy to learn, and there were no issues during our one-month free trial period.
Mr. Goto (hereafter, Goto): When I started using SignTime, I wasn’t familiar with the service, so I was worried about whether I would be able to use it properly. However, when I actually started using it, I found that the processes to draft and send contracts were simple and fast. I quickly became familiar with SignTime’s operation.

First-time recipients of digital contracts also appreciate the ease of signing

Goto: We mainly use SignTime when we sign “business consignment agreements” and “NDAs (non-disclosure agreements)” with the users of our Prorec platform. Since the signer can easily sign the document by receiving an email, we rarely hear from users that they don’t know how to sign the document. Even when a user does ask us how to sign a document, a simple explanation via e-mail is all that is required. We have not experienced any difficulty when communicating with the person we are sending documents to for signatures, and the contract work can be done smoothly.

SignTime reduces labor costs when sending documents

Goto: The best thing about SignTime is that it is very easy to use, requiring less time to create contracts, send and receive them, and store and retrieve documents than other e-signature services. When I first used it, I asked myself, “Is this all there is to it?” I remember being surprised. In the past, we had to use a variety of digital contract services to conclude contracts with our site’s registered users, which was time-consuming and labor-intensive. However, by unifying the tools used for contracts with SignTime, we were able to manage them centrally, leading to a reduction in labor costs.
Another feature that we find useful is the search function. By typing the name of the contract into the search window, you can quickly retrieve the contract you need. We have a few paper contracts, and it is time-consuming to search for them in the filing cabinet. There’s a clear improvement in storage cost and searchability with SignTime’s cloud-based storage.

SignTime provides support tailored to individual companies

Goto: The customer support is another attractive point. When we introduced the system, SignTime provided us with personalized support, including showing us how to use the system and which functions were best suited to our company. It is reassuring to have this kind of support and implementation assistance at no charge. The customer success team is very proactive. For example, at first we were changing the text of each of our outsourcing agreements and uploading them to SignTime every time we sent them. Then, we were informed by the customer success team that using the template and mass launch functions would reduce the time required to complete contracts. There are many functions that we have not yet tried, but with SignTime’s great customer support, we will get the most out of these features.

SignTime is great even if you are new to e-signature services

Goto: I have used several e-signature services, and I recommend SignTime in terms of ease of use. I recommend it for companies that are currently using e-signature services, and especially for those that are still using paper contracts. SignTime is so easy to use that even those who have no experience with digital contracting services can quickly become familiar with it. We encourage anyone to try it at least once.
The best thing about SignTime is that it listens carefully to its users’ opinions and constantly strives to improve its platform. They absorb even the smallest feedback and implement and improve their features, so I expect SignTime to be even better in the future.

Company NameProrec
Industry Human resource
Company Profile Prorec provides IT engineer recruitment support services for startup companies. It also operates an HR platform called Prorec and recruits experienced HR professionals who want to work as external HR staff for companies. The company works with users to recruit on behalf of startup companies.
Number of Employees Small
Number of Contracts Used 200–300 per year

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