【Update】Cancellation of Invited Members Now Possible on the Customer’s Side

Thank you for using SignTime as always.

To make it easier for you to manage group members, we have updated SignTime to allow customers to cancel invitations to members within a group.

Cancel Invited Members for Easier Management

With this update, you can now cancel invitations to members you have invited to a group, making member management even more convenient. Previously, if you wanted to cancel an invitation, you had to contact SignTime support, and our development team had to manually handle the cancellation. Due to an increase in inquiries about member cancellations from customers using plans with member limits, we decided to implement this change.

Please note that in the future, we plan to allow customers to exclude members who have already accepted invitations from the group and to delete user accounts themselves.

Group Settings screen

*Only the group owner/administrator can cancel members.

Please click here for details on how to do this and when a member’s account has been canceled.

SignTime will continue to provide truly easy-to-use services with customer feedback as our top priority.

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