【Update】Improvement of Certificate of Completion and Email Improvements for Internal Approvals

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Based on our customers feedback, we have implemented improvements to the Certificate of Completion and the email subject lines used when utilizing the supervisor approval feature. This makes it easier for third parties to confirm contract agreement certificates and helps supervisors understand which documents require their attention.

Three Improvements to the Certificate of Agreement

Japanese Language Support:

Previously, Certificates of Completion were only available in English. We have now improved them to support Japanese as well. The certificates will be automatically generated based on the sender’s app language at the time of completion.

Inclusion of Date and Time:

We have added the date and time of completion to the Agreement Confirmation Certificates. It also includes information on how each signer accessed the signature page, ensuring authenticity:

  • If an email address is listed: Access to the signature page via the URL received in the email.
  • If a phone number is listed: Access to the signature page via the URL in the SMS received on their mobile.

Enhanced Design for Trustworthiness:

We have removed unnecessary elements and added the service logo, giving the certificates a more trustworthy design when viewed by third parties.

Improvement in Email Subject Titles for Supervisor Approval

We have improved the email subject lines when using the supervisor approval feature. To make document management easier and allow for quick document identification, we have added the document’s title to each email’s subject line.

Enhancement for Displaying Document Titles

Before Improvement:    
・Approval Request Email Subject > “Approval Request”   
・Correction Request Email Subject > “Correction Request for Document”   
・Approval Completion Email Subject > “Approval Completed”

After Improvement:   
・Approval Request Email Subject > “{Document Title}: Approval Request”    
・Correction Request Email Subject > “{Document Title}: Correction Request”    
・Approval Completion Email Subject > “{Document Title}: Approval Completed”

SignTime will continue to prioritize customer feedback and provide an electronic contracting service that is truly user-friendly in the future.

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