Released Internal Approval Feature

To all of our valued customers, thank you very much for using SignTime.
We have released an internal approval feature that allows users to request for approval from a member within their organization when sending signature requests.

 Internal Approval Feature

The internal approval feature allows you to request for approval from a member in your  organization before sending signature requests. With this feature, team members can double-check your document to make sure the recipients are correctly inputted, field components are correctly placed, etc.

New document creation page to set internal approvers when uploading documents

1.When the document is approved

When the document is approved by the approver, the signature request will automatically be sent to necessary recipients.

2.When the document is denied

If changes need to be made, the approver can deny the approval request.
The requester will receive an email with the reason why the document was denied,so please check/correct and request approval again.
※If the uploaded document  itself needs to be edited, it must be uploaded again as a new document.

Modal where the approver can enter change requests

Settings for the Internal Approval Feature

The feature must be enabled by your organization owner for all members to use.
Here are the procedures below.
Reference:Details of admin rights

Enabling the Internal Approval Feature

1. Login to SignTime.
2. Click Team.
3. Click [Settings] and turn on the [Internal approval] in [Document Settings].

SignTime setting

SignTime will continue to prioritize our customers’ feedback and provide an easy-to-use e-signature service.

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