【Update】Release Notes 2024.03

Thank you very much for using SignTime.
Here is a list of updates implemented during the month of March.

Customized Branding Email Settings – Enable/Disable

Our customization branding feature now allows enabling/disabling of email (SMTP) settings.

DisableRegardless of SMTP settings, all emails sent within SignTime will be sent from
EnableIf SMTP settings are configured correctly, all emails sent within SignTime will be sent from the specified email address in the SMTP settings.

*Please be sure to fill in all fields when configuring SMTP settings
*If authentication information is incorrect, app emails may not be sent correctly. Please be sure to perform a test connection.
*Customization branding is available only with our PrimeTime Plan or higher.

Expiration for Document View Page Links

For enhanced security, we have implemented an expiration date (14 days from the date of completion) for the document view page URLs, provided in the document completion email.

The document view page will be accessible from the ‘My Signatures’ tab in your SignTime account’s document list page, even after the expiration date has passed.

※For those without a SignTime account, signing up for an account using the same email address used to sign documents will give you access to complete documents.

Click below to read more.
How long is the “View Document” URL in the signature completion email valid?

System Infrastructure Update

We have made updates to SignTime’s system infrastructure.

Improvements in performance and security are expected.

Subdomain Feature Release

As part of our customization branding feature, subdomains are not available for use.

Ex) >

The following features will further strengthen customization branding of your company.

  • Utilization of subdomains for accessing app
  • Application of subdomains to all URLs included in emails (signature request emails, etc.)
  • Application of custom logos on non-authenticated pages (login page, password reset page, etc.)

*Subdomain feature is only available for SignTime partners

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