【Update】Bulk Sending Feature Now Available for SMS

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We are pleased to announce that, based on customer feedback, the bulk sending feature is now available for SMS sending as well. Additionally, you can now review usage history for all your groups.

Bulk Sending Now Available for SMS

Previously, the bulk sending feature was only available for email addresses, but we have updated it to work with SMS as well. This means you can now send messages to multiple recipients who may not have email addresses.

*Please note that this feature is available only for plans that include SMS sending.

Improved Usage History for All Groups

The “Usage History” feature is now available for all groups.

You can now view a list of when, who, and which services were used for document exchanges within your groups. Import file history is also displayed, and you can narrow down the viewing period and export the data as a CSV file for your convenience.

*1 Access to usage history is available only to group owners and users with administrative privileges.
*2 Only files imported after the update are included in this history.

SignTime will continue to prioritize customer feedback to provide you with an easy-to-use e-signature services and features.

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