Updates on Hanko design and API

To all of our valued customers, thank you very much for using SignTime.

We are happy to annouce two updates.

Improvements on Hanko design

We have improved the Hanko design and made it easier to use.

The design changes are as follows.

Previous HankoNew Hanko
Character limit of 6 charactersNo character limit
Auto line breakLine breaks can be specified.
Vertical text onlyVertical/horizontal text can be selected
No preview before stamping.Allows previewing before stamping

This update reflects the requests we have received from our customers regarding the design of the Hanko.

This updates made the Hanko easier to use by removing the character limit, specifying line breaks, and allowing selection of vertical or horizontal writing styles.

Selecting Character Direction

The direction of the text can be selected by checking the box next to the text field.

Specifying line breaks in Hanko text

When specifying a line break, press the Enter key at the point where you want to make a line break when entering text in the input field of the Hanko.

Updates on API

We have updated the API specification for the use of documents (e-signature service).

The changes are as follows.

Document creation API (POST /api/v1/documents/new)

Before the updateAfter the update
Both email address and phone number required when using SMSEither an email address or phone number is required when using SMS

SignTime will continue to put our customers feddback first and provide an easy-to-use e-signature services.

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