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Reduce the Cost of FedEx with Digital Contracts

Reduce the Cost of FedEx with Digital Contracts

One of the benefits of introducing a digital contracting service is that it reduces costs. That’s what I am going to discuss here—the specific cost savings associated with digitals contracts. There are many points to mention, but I’ll stick with FedEx costs today.

What is digital contracting?

Digital contracting is the method of executing a contract digitally that used to be done on paper. It eliminates the need for paper and signatures. Since contracts can be concluded online, with the rise in remote work and global commerce, it is attracting a lot of attention now.

Digital contracting saves money: the example of FedEx services 

One of the obvious merits of a digital contracting service is reducing the cost of FedEx.

With the spread of personal computers and smartphones, people are sending fewer letters if at all in their private lives. If only that were true in business as well!

As an adult, the only time I have used mail is to send out my wedding invitations. I sent out about 100 invitations on paper.

The four main costs were as follows:

  • Paper costs: The invitations and postcards
  • Envelopes: The envelopes for the invitations and postcards
  • Ink: The ink used for printing
  • Stamps: The stamps for sending the invitations and postcards

As a once-in-a-lifetime event, it was a joy to send out these invitations. Still, I was surprised by how expensive it was—even the stamps. It would have been even more to send them by an express service.

As I mentioned above, while sending out mail at home is reserved for special occasions, mailing documents at work is still a common occurrence. Depending on your department, this may even be a daily occurrence.

So what are the costs involved?

  • Paper cost: The paper to print out the documents
  • Cost of envelopes: The envelopes to hold documents
  • Ink: The ink for printing
  • Express mail: Time-sensitive documents being sent out by FedEx, UPS, etc.
  • Labor cost: The labor required from printing to filing the contract
  • Storage fee: The lockable cabinet to store the documents and the rent for the floorspace
  • Supplies: The folders for storing documents, hole punches, binders, and so on

If you write it all down, it’s a lot more than you might have guessed. With SignTime’s digital contract service, you can eliminate all of the costs associated with getting documents signed and storing them, as well as the headaches.

Digital contract services are available at SignTime

What do you think? If you implement a digital contracting service, you can send documents immediately via email, thus eliminating the costs mentioned above. It is also even faster than express shipping—now you can get a document signed at 5 o’clock on Friday and go home on time.

Reducing the cost of mailing documents is just one advantage of using a digital contracting service. Indeed, there are many other advantages to using a digital contracting service, which I will share with you in the future.

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