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6 Sales Call Tips: How to Host a Better Sales Call

6 Sales Call Tips: How to Host a Better Sales Call

Written by Timothy Ware

We’ve all heard the advice that you only get one chance to make a good first impression. It’s true, and in the business world that first impression can be the difference between a sale and a lost opportunity. Making sure you follow some sales call tips can impress clients and close deals.

Whether you’re new to sales or you want to stay on top of your game in a highly competitive environment, in this article I go over important sales call techniques for better sales calls.

If you are looking for some new sales contracts, I’ve compiled a list of some great sales contract templates, and how to personalize them to your needs.

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What’s a sales call?

Simply put, it’s a conversation between a salesperson and a potential client. These calls tend to be informative and typically include a pitch, a demo, or a presentation. They are usually structured and a great call can end with an agreement in principle to make a purchase.

This stepping stone can lead to a contract.

Before even picking up the phone to call your potential client, a salesperson should already have taken a number of steps to prepare. Indeed, understanding the product they’re selling, the needs of the client, and a client’s pain points are all crucial to know before going into a call.

The problem with sales calls

Sales calls can all suffer from the same problem: many clients don’t like them. Because of the nature of sales calls (something that has been around for decades), they are usually formulaic and boring.

To remedy this, I like to tell prospects that “I’m only a salesperson when you need me to be, and before that I am a free consultant.” After all, giving prospects value during their sales journey is a great way to host better sales calls.

Using sales call tips is a great way to make sure that you are memorable and that your client ends the call with a good impression (or even better, a signed contract).

The 6 best sales call tips you should implement today

While there are lots of different sales call techniques that can improve your sales calls, many of them can be very specific and useful on a case-by-case basis. Sometimes, something as simple as a good electronic contracting service can help you achieve better results.

Here we present six important sales call tips for better sales calls.

  1. Establish yourself as knowledgeable
  2. Show them you know them
  3. Be on time and don’t waste time
  4. Show them you know them
  5. Be clear and direct about terms of the contract
  6. Sign the contract on the call

Establish yourself as knowledgeable

Being prepared for a sales call means to know what products you have on offer, and how those products benefit clients. Clients don’t want to know about prices, they want to know how your product will help them or address a problem they have.

The following are some simple ways to establish your credibility.

Show them you know them

Taking the time to make sure that what you say is directly related to your client’s needs will help to establish you as knowledgeable (of both your product or service and the clients needs). Be aware of your client’s pain points, as well as the objections that they might have.

Prorec, one of SignTime’s clients, is a recruiting agency that specializes in IT engineers. They noted the difficulty that exists in trying to recruit engineers, as well as how SignTime solves this issue. Just like we note in these sales call tips, being ready for your calls matters a great deal to them.

If you’re prepared to address them immediately, you’re more likely to have a sale on your hands.

Be on time and don’t waste time

Nothing says unprofessional like being late. Clients take time out of their busy days to meet with you, so you should have your notes, presentations, and questions ready to go. Be ready a few minutes early to make sure you haven’t missed anything.

Avoid “canned language”

Cold calling prospects can sometimes leave you with few choices about how to address them initially. However, people often hear similar things from different salespeople.

To have better sales calls, do your best to avoid stock language.

Everyone has heard a salesperson say “if you give me thirty seconds of your time…”, so find a more tailored way to approach this. Your prospects will be happy that you took the time to tailor your language and call, which can increase your chances of a positive result.

Be clear and direct about terms

After your client has been made aware of your service or product, it’s important to be clear about what you offer and under what terms. It is critical for your client (and for you) to know exactly what is being offered, and what is being paid for. Clarity now can avoid contract disputes and legal issues later.

Sign the contract while on the phone with the client

As the saying goes, “strike when the iron is hot.” Your client has agreed to the terms, but time is of the essence. One of the easiest ways to close a sale is to actually close it.

Send the client the sales contract while you are on the phone so that you can address any concerns that they might have. Give the client the opportunity to get any clarity they might want, and then they can sign the contract immediately.

With SignTime, you can update and send your client a contract with a few taps. Let SignTime help revolutionize the way you do business.

Have better sales calls by using SignTime

There are lots of different ways you can improve your sales calls. Knowing what you’re selling is very important, and knowing how that product will positively impact the client’s life is essential. One of the most valuable tools though is to be able to get the contract into your customer’s hands immediately. With SignTime’s powerful suite of tools, you can draft, revise, and sign a contract while you’re still talking to your future client on the phone.

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