Released new API related to Share Document Feature

To all of our valued clients, thank you very much for being a SignTime user!
We are pleased to announce the release of a new API related to the Share Document Feature.
With this API, you can share documents with stakeholders and revoke sharing without logging into the SignTime management interface.

About the Share Document Feature

The Share Document Feature allows you to share documents that have been completed or imported on SignTime. The following documents can be shared by simply entering the name and e-mail address of the recipient.

  • Documents signed by using SignTime
  • Documents imported to SignTime ※1 

※1 Sharing of imported documents is available only for customers who have subscribed to ScanTime.

Released new API related to Share Document Feature

The following three APIs have been newly added

Name of APIDetails of FunctionsEnd point
Obtaining document sharing statusRetrieve the shared status of shared documentsGET /api/v1/shares
Sharing DocumentsShare the specified documentsPOST /api/v1/shares/new
Cancellation of document sharingCancels the share specified by {id}(share ID)
*Only for imported files
DELETE /api/v1/shares/{id}

Convenient Feature for Easily Sending Electronic Invoices

This development was realized in response to customer requests for a function to send electronic invoices. By integrating this API with the system you use to create electronic invoices, you can now send electronic invoices directly from your system. This eliminates the need to send invoices via email or mail, leading to further operational efficiency.

Previous Methods
(1) Create invoices with an invoicing system, etc.
(2) Save the invoice on your PC
(3) Send invoices to suppliers by e-mail or mail
When the SignTime API is linked to an invoicing system
(1) Create invoices using an invoicing system, etc.
(2) Send invoices from the invoicing system

Electronic invoices must be stored as electronic data in a manner that satisfies the Electronic Preservation System for Books and Documents Act.

With SignTime, which is compliant with the Electronic Bookkeeping Law, invoices can be stored in a manner that satisfies the Electronic Bookkeeping Law. For more details, please click here.

SignTime will continue to put our customers’ feedback first and provide easy-to-use e-signature services.

How to use the share document feature:

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